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Driven from a young age to loom images that singe, Erich would soon discover his power – to train the world to stare at a glance. A grandmaster of pixel strategy, photographic magic, sculpted pulses and illustrated wizardry, he snares young notions in the wild and hunts thundering hunches by the vague smell of their greatness. Then he fosters them from a mere germ and whips them into shapes, shades and supernova-going nebulas of artisanal perfection. He’s a visual dilettante, a regular renaissance maniac, craving fresh baked makings daily. It’s often storied that Photoshop once winked at him before congratulating his instinct and intellect on outsmarting the optical illusion of all things boring. He was thusly rewarded with a rare gradient map of the land known as Masterpiecia. From pencil to pen to wand, he holds utensils so intensely that sparks shower from his hands as he fashions grand fusions in the manual art of classical illustration. The ultimate sculptor, he carves art from blocks spawned of magic. Details and tangibles bow before his meticulous tools of the third dimension. He sleeps with one eye open, lest the festering fantasy of his perfect photographic frame should appear above his bed like a banshee in the night. His shutter flutters under the power of science, but there are four sides to every photographic story his exact aperture captures. His imaginative facets spore exponentially as any given creation grows under his fire branded care, so you can never predict what to expect from him. Simply sit back and enjoy his unguided tour de force.
- Phil Eichenauer


phone 626 676 6202

email eisayers@gmail.com

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